Andru Anderson's web home.

Andru Anderson is a film maker, glass artist, jewelry designer and fabricator, technical specialist and a college professor at Baylor University.  He currently claims the metropolis of Waco, Texas as home.  He is married to his beautiful wife. 

His first short Mozgi is a small zombie comedy.  A Touch of Madness, his second short, is a darker suspense drama.  While his third short turns out to be a documentary.  He is currently working on a full-length documentary.  Author of numerous screenplays, he enjoys flexing his creative muscles as he puts words to paper.

His glasswork spans the different styles of work, including glass blowing, lampworking, in addition to fusing and slumping.  Currently, primarily working in front of a torch, he creates beads, marbles and murrini.

After he started to be surrounded by beads, he started to create woman's jewelry.  Silver is his favorite type of metal.   Creating bracelets, necklaces and earrings is what keeps him busy.

He has been teaching film and television production at Baylor University since 2008 and enjoys his time in the classroom.  In 2014, he completed his Masters of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University.